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tianjinSI series impact crusher

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tianjinSI series impact crusher

Detailed introduction

SI series impact crusher

Benefts of SI series impact crusher:

High end-product value

High plant availability

Adaptable for all applications

High quality for low CAPEX

Sanland SI Series impact crusher's feature is the unique combination of heavy rotor design, materials selected for good wear resistance and crusher chamber design.  This combination has proven revolutionary in improving capacity and product quality and in reducing operating and wear costs. SI Series impact crushers deliver unbeatable performances in primary, secondary, tertiary and recycling applications.Configured for your needs:

The Self Rotor Rotation system (SRR) is available across the SI range and is part of Sanland's ongoing efort to innovate and find ways to enhance the quality, ease of use, and safety of its products. New SI automation (IC2000) controls the crusher operation and gives a perfect and complete overview of performance.

High performance from SI Series:

The rotor with high inertiaimproves crushing reduction and provides stability in the process, reducing energy 

consumption and increasing long-term performance. 

Reduced plant operating costs:

Higher reduction with fewer crushing stages lowers your capital costs and saves energy. 


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